Secure Purchase

We want the purchase of your new domain to be a secure and postive experience, so we employ the use of an Escrow Service or domain marketplace to facilitate the transaction. This is common practice in domain sales.

Escrow Service

An Escrow Service acts as a neutral party to insure that the terms of agreement including price, payment, and transfer of domain are met. The Escrow Service protects both the buyer and seller by securely holding the assets in a neutral account. Once the Escrow Service verifies that the terms of agreement are met and both parties are satisfied, the funds are transferred to the seller and the domain is transferred to the buyer.

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Register Now

  • Securely Register Now to start using the Escrow Service. It's free.
  • You can also register after you find the domain you want:
  • For Buy & Buy Now domains
    Select a domain > Buy/Buy Now > Register Now
  • For Make Offer domains
    Make an offer. If accepted, you will receive a link to register directly on the Escrow Service website.
  • Tip: If you're already registered with the Escrow Service or marketplace we use, you may use that account.

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Buy & Buy Now

  • Buy Now domains
  • Domains listed as Buy Now may be purchased immediately.
  • Select a domain > Buy Now > Login and complete the transaction.
  • Buy domains
  • Domains listed as Buy may be purchased via the escrow process.
  • Select a domain > Buy > Enter Email
    You will receive an email notification to complete the transaction.

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Make Offer

Some domains may be listed as 'Make Offer' and may be open to negotiation. If a minimum offer price is set, the price must be met for the offer to be considered. To make an offer, tap or click the Make Offer button and submit your offer on the form. If your offer is accepted, a reply will be sent to the email address that you entered on the form and the domain will be placed 'On Hold'. This will initiate a sale via the Escrow Service.

Tip: With some domains you may be able to Make an Offer directly via the marketplace.
Partner Domains

Some domains may be listed as 'Partner Domains'. If Partner Domains are available a 'Partner Domains' tab will show on the Domains for Sale page. Clicking on a button associated with a Partner Domain may direct you to an external site in order for you to pursue your interest in that domain.